Imani Sumter, who writes as Imani Lewis, is a National Bestselling Author and lover of all things creative. She's a mother to a beautiful one-year-old baby girl and wife to an amazing husband. She's obsessed with sushi, koala's, and misshapen stuffed animals (I guess you could say she finds beauty in the broken). Whether it's through her words, music, or graphic designs, she makes sure she pours her all in everything she does. 

She believes that you don't have to put yourself in a box, choosing which dream you should chase out of all the ones you have. CHASE THEM ALL!! Don't let anyone tell you, you can't do something and don't let a "no" make you hear "not ever". 

Imani published her first book in 2020 and has been grinding since then. She graduated with her Bachelor's degree in Marketing and received  a professional certificate in Project Management. She's currently pursuing her Master's Degree in creative marketing. 

She founded her publishing company, Red Beetle Publishing, LLC in early 2021 to help those like her who were just starting out and had no idea where to start.