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In the clouds

(Cloudy Day, #1.5)
March 28, 2022

In The Clouds is a revised and slightly tweaked version of On A Cloudy Day. It’s the same story you know and love, but rewritten to flow and sound one-thousand times better. It is NOT the sequel.

Jordan Jameson is still figuring it out. She’s a junior in college who still doesn’t know what she wants to do with her life, and feels the pressure piling on as she gets closer to graduation.

Malakai Woods is a football prodigy. He knows almost everyone in his city by name, and is set to get offered multiple scholarships from top division schools.

However, when unlikely events and people come into their lives, their worlds take a drastic turn, leaving them unsure how to go on.

But when they meet in the clouds, they figure out how to survive the storm together, while simultaneously chasing the sunset.

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