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We all know the saying, "You can't judge a book by its cover", but let's be honest...we all do it. A book could be the best book you've ever read in your life, but you'd never know that because the cover was horrible. It made you not even pick up the book. 

Well, I can help with that! No matter what genre, I can create a cover that either follows the trend, or stands out in its own unique way. All you need to do is tell me what you want!

If you aren't looking for a book cover, I offer other design services below. Book one today!

Book Cover Design

I have experience creating different book covers for different genres and would love to make one for you! I can do just eBook, or paperback and hardcover versions specific to the publisher you use. Book now and let's get started!

Starting at $150

Pile of Books

Interior Book Design/Formatting

I'll format and design the interior of your project so that it looks nice and pretty as an ebook or physical copy! Book now!

Starting at $64

Pile of Books

Website Design

I'll create a custom website for you from scratch or through a template if you had a specific one in mind. I've made numerous websites for businesses from consulting firms to hair stylists and more! Book now and lets create you a beautifully professional website!

Pile of Books

Starting at $80

Logo Design

I'll create a unique logo for you and your business. It can be simple and minimalist or bright, colorful, and daring! Book now so we can talk!

Pile of Books

Starting at $50

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Marketing Material Design

I'll create marketing material such as: social media ads, book trailers, merchandise designs, and more to help you promote your brand and/or project! Book now and let's get creating!

Pile of Books

Starting at $75


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