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If this is your first time publishing a book, I know first hand how exciting that can be. I also know how tempting it is to skip hiring a professional editor, trusting that you know what a good book looks like. 

Now, I'm not saying you don't, but I am saying its crucial to have your manuscript looked at by someone who isn't: biased, inexperienced, and most of! 

Trust me when I say your book (and your readers) will thank you. 

I don't just offer editing for authors, I offer editing for anyone who needs it, as well as copywriting services! Check out my options below, or send me an email if you don't see exactly what it is you need!

I'm here to help you make your dreams come true.


This is the final step in the editing process where I'll just read over your work, making sure everything is spelled correctly, it flows, and you're using the correct grammar. 

If you haven't gotten any of the editing below done, I HIGHLY encourage you to use those services first! (Plus, you get a discount on proofreading if you do).

Starting at $30

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Copy and Line Editing

Copy editing and Line editing are like brother and sister. This step in the editing process usually comes after structural editing because it's where I'll focus only on spelling and punctuation, more on grammar, word choice and enhancing your overall writing quality. 

Starting at $50

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Developmental & Structural Editing

Developmental and structural editing are like childhood best friends. Developmental editing, or substantive editing, focuses more on the content of your writing. This is typically the first step in the editing process. I'll look at the bigger picture and wonder "should this be in here?" or "does this even make sense?". Structural editing is where I'll focus on the flow, tone and help develop a well-written body of work.

Pile of Books

Starting at $50


I have professional experience creating copy for sale's pages, landing pages, email sequences & funnels, social media posts, and blog posts. Pretty much anything that needs copy, i've done it before! Choose this service if you'd like me to develop copy for your business needs!

Pile of Books

Starting at $25

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